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Fie Eike embraces her emotions in “Sad”

01 March 2024, 16:30 | Written by Joe Beer

Copenhagen-based Fie Eike finds resilience in surrendering to her emotions in the mesmerising new single, “Sad.”

“Sad” is the latest single from Fie Eike, where the artist welcomes you deeper into her world, offering a delicate yet powerful piano ballad that speaks about emotions and how we navigate them. Featuring solely a piano and her raw vocals, “Sad” packs a huge emotional punch. With no distractions, every word Eike sings hits harder with unparalleled clarity, as she expresses how devastating it can be when we ignore our emotions and instead brush them to the side or cast them onto others.

Emphasising the importance of acknowledging the way we feel and acting on it appropriately, the musician encourages listeners to be present with their more difficult emotions, particularly when it comes to sadness, anger, grief, and pain. When we surrender to them, it can open up a whole new level of self-awareness.

The Copenhagen-based artist creates stunning soundscapes inspired by the nature that she grew up in. Born in Denmark to Norwegian parents, the songwriter’s upbringing immersed in the Nordic forests, coastlines, fjords, and mountains have a deep impact on both her sound and lyrics. Soaking up her surroundings, Eike weaves in stories of her time spent in these awe-inspiring places and “Sad” demonstrates just that. “Sad” specifically stems from her time on the North West Coast of Denmark by the North Sea.

The artist shares, “Nature there is very raw, sparse and temperamental especially during the winter months, with strong winds and large powerful waves that continue to shape the coastline, while the wide sandy beaches, the sky and the ocean melt into each other, becoming one. For me “Sad” and our deepest emotions have a similar movement as the powerful yet vulnerable sensibility and volatility of nature. Just like the waves washing away all footprints and traces in the sand over time, the connection to our challenging emotions and tears can help us heal our wounds over time.”

Following the release of “The Nile,” “Sad” is the second single from her debut album that is due later this year and we’re hoping to go down the rabbit hole even deeper with more nature inspired anthems.

"Sad" is out now. Find Fie Eike on Instagram.

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