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I love you still, even though you are wrong: LANY, live in Manchester

14 December 2017, 17:24 | Written by Matthew Kent

LANY’s Paul Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest bid farewell to the UK, for the year, with an emotional set for the final night of their tour in Manchester.

The lights go out, a synthesised voice welcomes us to what might be “the best night of [our lives]” and the rain begins to pour. 2017 has been quite the year for Los Angeles-based pop band LANY; from a relentless touring schedule which has seen them travel the world over to releasing their 16-track opus of a debut album, it’s been non-stop.

Last night's show at the O2 Ritz in Manchester is the final date of the trio's UK leg, before a handful of more Europe dates before they head home for the holidays. With London's Colouring supporting, it's the four piece's set closer that really gets things going, the yet-to-be-released “Time” is an undeniable banger.

Back to the rain, track one from the band’s self-titled record is the only way this show could start, “Dumb Stuff” sits pretty at a painfully short 2 and a half minutes, but makes for the perfect introduction nevertheless. Everyone screaming “oh my god, I think I’m in love” sets the tone for the next 80 minutes in which flowers are thrown on stage, arms are waved relentlessly and the crowd lament their lack of friends, while simultaneously being surrounded by friends, old and new, connected by their common love of music.

While showcasing their full length record that dropped this summer is the main objective, their set contains highlights from the band’s three previously released EPs. Older favourites such as “4EVER!” and “Made In Hollywood” still make the grade for the live set and should do for some time. The prodigious “pink skies”, taken from the kinda EP, that really should have graduated to the album, is met with a roar of approval as frontman Klein begins the sunset serenade.

Sunshine-injected “Good Girls” is one to dance to, but it’s the album’s underdogs which really shine in the live setting. Complete with its infectious synth-riff “Purple Teeth” is a ride of riotous joy and peaceful decorum as a flashing neon purple hearts breaks on the screen behind the band. Introspective, autobiographical cut “Tampa” sounds like an internal monologue or a page straight out of Klein’s diary. Tonight it’s given a whole new lease of life by Klein's emotive, affected vocal accompanied by an arrangement laced in grandeur that see its frantic flourishes and muted intricacies expanded into a stadium-sized power ballad.

The deeply personal, and albeit meteorologically off kilter (tornados and hurricanes are vastly different entities), “Hericane” is a fitting, but sombre, conclusion to band’s set and is the highlight of the night. Bathed in a red glow, faultless in his refusal to concede and admit defeat in the face of a storm of emotional upheaval Klein cries out “our home’s a wreck, look at this mess, you blame it on disobedience.” Documenting the struggle between parent and child to see eye to eye, “Hericane” sees LANY in their most raw and vulnerable state, and it speaks volumes.

Singles “Super Far” and “ILYSB” are saved for an encore of bright lights and almost karaoke-style sing-a-longs, and amongst the fanfare there's one lyric from the latter that juxtaposes LANY’s entire journey thus far. "It's not like we got big plans” echoes the very essence of this band, and while within the context of the track, it’s just another lyric from another love song, it documents the very beginnings of a band who uploaded a double A single to an anonymous Soundcloud profile with just their hopes, dreams and fears driving them forward.

Further world domination awaits the band in 2018 with tickets to their first arena date ever flying out. You’ll have to head super far though if you want to catch that, they play Smart Araneta Coliseum, in Manila next April.

LANY is out now.
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