It isn’t just glistening electro-pop the Scandinavians have a penchant for, as Denmark’s Majke Voss Romme - aka Broken Twin – proved when brought her stripped-back brand of melancholia to Servant Jazz Quarters last night.

Like her Nordic counterpart Alice Boman, who also graced the cosy Dalston basement with her graceful songwriting recently, Broken Twin makes use of her quite striking vocal to bring colour and expression to the bare live setup as her rich, honeyed vibrato powers above gentle chord progressions.

Alongside Romme, a violin, with reverberating FX carefully applied, emphasises the chilling pathos of songs like set highlight “Out Of Air” and her latest “Sun Has Gone“, before subtle guitar-based tracks add another dimension to the captivating performance.

At this relatively early stage she appears completely at ease in this environment and it was a live show that effortlessly proved what a talented songwriter and indeed performer Broken Twin is.