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Softcult Heaven 2023

Softcult announce forthcoming EP, Heaven

21 March 2024, 10:39 | Written by Tyler Damara Kelly

Softcult have announced details of a new EP, Heaven. Along with the announcement they have shared a new track and video, “Spiralling Out”.

“We wrote this song about those times when we ruminate over a situation over and over again to no end” the band offer. “Sometimes it feels like there’s no amount of self-talk that can get us out of that spiral. It feels like everything is out of control and the world is like a carnival ride spinning all around us, but we are paralyzed and unable to step on or off."

On the video, Mercedes of Softcult said "Motion was a huge factor in the music video. I wanted to evoke the feeling of being pulled into an anxious spiral. I wanted to recreate the feeling of the world spinning out of control around you. We used any means of motion that we could find: a Merry-Go-Round that physically made us sick after filming, a carousel in Seattle on tour, etc. We actually gave ourselves motion sickness filming this video.”

“Spiralling Out” is the fourth track to be shared from the forthcoming EP, following the ethereally heavy critique of capitalism, "Shortest Fuse”; "Haunt You Still", which found the duo unpacking the lingering impact we have in our past relationships; and the EP’s title track, "Heaven".

Speaking on the EP as a whole, the band offer the following statement: “This EP has an underlying theme, although the songs themselves may seem eclectic and wide ranging. We wanted to write about the contradictions within our society, what an ideal world looks like, and how close or far we are from achieving that reality. What is “heaven” anyway? It probably depends on who you ask... Is heaven a reward? A place that we eventually go to if we play our cards right and live by a set list of rules while alive on this planet? Who makes those rules? How do those rules impact us? Maybe heaven isn’t a utopian destination for those who have been judged capriciously to be worthy of entry. Maybe our lives on this earth, currently, are more than a trivial test that guarantees an afterlife we can’t know exists."

Maybe the sum of our lives is the legacy we leave behind, the change we make while we are alive,and the people we touch and the impact we make. Maybe we should be focusing more on making the world we inhabit a better place for humanity while we are alive, instead of wishing for a better place after we are gone. Maybe “heaven” can be a place that exists on earth, in our lives, and the lives of our loved ones, while we are still here to experience it. Instead of fixating on what waits for us in the afterlife, maybe we should pay attention to what we have here on earth, because THAT, as far as we know, is the “heaven” we will see.”


  1. Haunt You Still
  2. One Of The Pack
  3. Spiralling Out
  4. 9 Circles
  5. Shortest Fuse
  6. Heaven

Heaven is set to be released on 24 May via Easy Life, and is available to pre-order.

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