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People are not happy with Liz Phair's love for the Queen

09 September 2022, 11:40 | Written by Cerys Kenneally

Liz Phair has been called out on Twitter for expressing her love for Queen Elizabeth II following her death.

Shortly after Queen Elizabeth II's death was announced by the royal family yesterday (8 September), Liz Phair took to Twitter to express her adoration for the Queen, but it wasn't received so well by those on the platform.

Phair started by writing, "I am in no way cool w a post QEII world. Don't lecture me about imperialism; she was NOT an absolute monarch (a system founded by men) and never tried to be. She knew with exquisite precision the bounds of her tricky role, and I adored her for maintaining it so elegantly."

Phair's replies were bombarded by people sharing screenshots of news stories about stolen artefacts, colonialism, racism and more, leading Phair to write, "I'm sorry you guys are so angry; maybe I loved her because I lived in England as a young girl. I'm 55, I'm not going to be in your generation's outlook (look at replies). You blame her, but I blame the system."

A few hours later, Phair expanded on her reasons for liking the Queen, writing, "I grew up with a heavily 2nd wave feminist education and that shaped my perspective enormously. I fully understand that is not what feminism is today. I don't have the philosophical framework to interpret events through a younger lens. I fucking loved her. I looked up to her."

Phair added, "I understand that's not at all congruent with other people's experience of her. But when I was younger, she was one of the few, powerful woman to be covered in a global context. I saw her as thrust into a role she didn't want and as someone who tried to rise in male-dominated spaces, I related to and rooted for her in that context. Maybe she could have done something differently but considering what happened to Diana, I doubt it. I can't strop myself from feeling what i feel, but I can do a better job of being responsible with my views on twitter."

In response to Phair's tweets, one user wrote, "I remember when you were counterculture. Damn." Another added, "Keep going, tell us what you think of Maggie Thatcher Liz." Another comment read: "When you are so deep in the girlboss thing that you simp for monarchs doing imperialism."

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