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Paramore share statement on their next chapter: "this time, we're reading the fine print"

01 March 2024, 16:56 | Written by Tyler Damara Kelly

Paramore have shared a statement on their future, alongside a music video to "Thick Skull" – the closing track on their final album on Atlantic Records.

Heralding the start of a new era for Paramore, they've changed their website domain from to With this update, the website now redirects to the brand new music video for "Thick Skull". The final song on the album was written as a reflection on Hayley Williams' experiences as a young female in the music industry.

During a conversation with BEST FIT, Williams explained: "The last song of the album is reflective of my biggest insecurities throughout our career. The shit people projected onto me all these years: saying the band is manufactured or that I’m using my friends for my own personal career advances […] I decided to speak directly to those fears, even indulging the naysayers. This being the last album of this era of our career as part of the same contract I signed as a teen, I just want to leave all those fears and the bullshit here. I’m not taking it with me any further"

Speaking further about the new chapter on Paramore's Discord server, Williams shared that she cannot remember a time where she didn't want to be in a band, explaining that she would never have been "brave enough to create things and even if I did, I may never risk sharing them. Selfish? Maybe. Or Lonely?".

She likens being a musician to "being a mirror or a blank screen for people to project onto and find themselves in." Now, as she gets older, she's no longer worried about being perceived and has let go of the need for others to see her as good. "No longer do I question my ability to lead Paramore with integrity (and a healthy dose of dark and self-deprecating humour)". As Paramore has allowed her to grow throughout periods of time which may have been embarrassing or uncomfortable, Williams is self-assured and excited for the future.

"As for Paramore, the band, not the metaphor" she says, "We have crashed the van. We're finding new ways. We have new maps. We are starting from point zero. And this time, we're reading the fine print."

Paramore recently shared a cover of "Sanity" which was remixed Jack Antonoff.

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