Over the weekend Larsson appeared to publicly fire her creative director Ryder Ripps, after his ex-fiancé Azealia Banks uploaded screenshots of messages that showed Ripps body shaming Larsson.

In one of the screenshots shared by Banks, Ripps can be seen calling Larsson "Zara Armsson". Banks wrote alongside the screenshot, "Ryder making fun of Zara Larsson's arms again". Larsson responded to the screenshot on her own Instagram Story, writing, "Not Azealia Banks sharing a convo with my CREATIVE DIRECTOR Ryder making fun of my arms. Like I don’t pay his bills?"

Larsson also reposted the other screenshots shared by Banks, adding, "It’s not even about this specific convo specifically about me. It’s just tiring to always see women’s bodies being this... ‘funny’ topic. Ya my arms are genetically bigger. That’s just what my body type is like and honestly it’s starting to get to me because people are constantly pointing it out like it’s a bad thing even though I can’t change it."

After reposting the screenshots, the Swedish popstar urged people to "STOP commenting on other people’s bodies", and also appeared to hint that she'd already sacked Ripps by adding, "so … who knows any good creative directors lol".

On Twitter yesterday (14 March) Larsson wrote, "Stop commenting on people’s bodies". One fan responded, "period. you handled him", leading Larrson to respond, "Ryder Ripps? I only know Ryder R.I.P."

Ryder Ripps' Instagram is currently private.