"Can't Get Out" is the third single to be shared from Woods' first album in three years, after "Strange To Explain" and "Where Do You Go When You Dream?".

Strange To Explain will be the group's first LP since 2017's Love Is Love.

Discussing the new album, Jarvis Taveniere of the band says, "I had a few goals, mostly in terms of the sound of the record. I wanted it to sound a little more open, the last two have more of a claustrophobic energy. Maybe New York City had something to do with that and maybe that's the reason we both moved out of the city."

Taveniere adds, "The studio we worked in and lived at when we made the record is on a beach in Northern California, and it's basically a beautiful old house converted into a professional recording studio. It meant we could approach it more like the earlier records, where we would turn Jeremy's upstate NY house into a recording studio with whatever minimal gear we could afford. You're definitely able to indulge some less concrete impulses when you're living at the studio, with no outside obligations pulling you out of that creative mental space."

"Can't Get Out" is out now. Woods' Strange To Explain album is released 22 May via Woodsist, and is available to pre-order now.