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Wiley isn't a big fan of Ed Sheeran's "Take Me Back To London" remix

26 August 2019, 12:48 | Written by Cerys Kenneally

Wiley has caused quite a stir with his reaction to Ed Sheeran's "Take Me Back To London" remix.

Last Friday (23 August), the Sir Spyro remix of Ed Sheeran's "Take Me Back To London" was revealed, featuring Stormzy, Jaykae, and Aitch.

Wiley decided to air his opinion on Stormzy's instagram comments, calling out Sheeran for wanting to "do grime".

He wrote a series of comments stating his "shock" before writing, "Ed your banned and I don't wanna hear you on another grime beat ever again you don't deserve it."

It was hard to tell if the Godfather of grime was joking, as he added, "Ed I love this shit you know that already."

Stormzy called out Wiley for his remarks, writing back, "no Wiley you know Ed been doing this from early, been a real one from early, can't question that, you know I love you and respect you brother but nah don't do that."

Soon Wiley's comments were dragged into a bigger argument between him and Jaykae, who features on the new version.

Jaykae wrote on Twitter, "Wiley’s so sour and amped up about Ed making a grime song that he hasn’t even clocked I spun his head off in my verse."

Wiley soon caught wind of his comments, and replied, "Bro you just sit down and bask in the tinie bit of glory you think your getting. You couldn’t spin me not on a song with Ed nor on power."

The spat continued with Jaykae writing, "I’m happy for you Wiley. I tell people all the time recently that you look like your in a good space after looking like you was having a mid life crisis on social media. Your killing it. I’ve looked upto you for over a decade. But your moving like a wasteman. Safe."

After Wiley replied calling the situation a "blag", Jaykae added, "Bro you made a genre to then cry about it when the number 1 artist in the world jumps on it. Fucking backwards."

Doesn't look like Wiley will be making music with Jaykae, Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, or Aitch anytime soon...
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