Back in February, Whitney revealed they had finished working on their second album.

The first taster of their new music has landed today in the form of "FTA", and arrives with visuals from Josiah Marshall which capture the band in the studio.

Whitney's second album will follow their 2016 debut, Light Upon The Lake.

Speaking to DIY back in April, Whitney's Julien Ehrlich said, "Every time listen to it I think, if people liked Light Upon The Lake, they are really going to fuck with this. We took our time with it; we didn’t throw something together and it certainly doesn’t seem like we’re throwing a Hail Mary [aka a desperate, unlikely-to-succeed move] right now. I think we’re doing something that we really want to hear and we think that people will want to hear, too."

"FTA" is available to watch on YouTube now. Whitney play London's Roundhouse on 29 November. Find out more.