Extreme right-wing Christian group, the Westboro Baptist Church will take a break from their day job of protesting dead soldiers’ funerals, attacking enterprising 5-year old girls and tweeting an ailing Nelson Mandela with a family trip to a Taylor Swift concert.

Widely known as one of the world’s most controversial religious groups, the Church have announced they’ll protest outside the pop singer’s upcoming gig at Sprint Center in Kansas on 3 August.

Their reasoning? Swift, they claim, promotes a “girl next door country-singer shtick” whilst “strutting across the world stage like a proud whore”. They also suggest that the singer “uses the talent God gave her to warble about fornication” instead of “warning her fellow man of the coming destruction”, before also suggesting that she “worships” Barack Obama.

Read the complete “news release” from the group below:


[via NME]