The new track, which follows lead cut "Stay Disappointed" and Gillian Anderson tribute "Gillian", is an "homage to Auckland's best dive bar." It's a deliciously dark four-and-a-half minutes of rowdy punk spirit and scraped-knee hooks.

Wax Chattels - who describe their sound as "guitarless guitar music" - comprises keyboardist/vocalist Peter Ruddell, bassist/vocalist Amanda Cheng, and drummer Tom Leggett.

The three members, who all met while studying jazz at university, wrote the tracks together and worked on them for a full year before recording any properly. "We tracked the songs as a live band to capture the energy of the live show, restricting ourselves to instruments which we play live and keeping all production to a minimum to focus on the band sound itself," the band explain.


  1. Concrete
  2. Stay Disappointed
  3. It
  4. Gillian
  5. In My Mouth
  6. Shrinkage
  7. Career
  8. NRG
  9. Parallel Lines
  10. Facebook
Wax Chattels is out 18 May via Captured Tracks/Flying Nun.