Filmed at an Underground Empire Wrestling event, the video sees Wavves tearing through a performance whilst wrestlers tear through each other. 

"I didn't really want to do a funny video, I wanted to do something that I could enjoy and not act in," Nathan Williams told Rolling Stone. "I like that the protagonist doesn't win; it's David and Goliath, but the real version – he gets the living shit kicked out of him.

"Max X, the guy in the video, his shit was fucked up after the match," Williams continued. "I watched them peel the tacks out of his skull; there must have been 20 of them, and they're pulling them out with pliers as he screamed. He said he got knocked out in the middle of the match, and they had to improvise, had to give him time to wake up so they could throw him through more barbed wire. You have to love what you're doing if you're going to put your body through that."

Wavves will perform across the UK and Europe this NovemberV is released via Ghost Ramp/Caroline on 2 October.

Watch "Way Too Much" below.