The Lost Lectures are focused on re-inventing the concept of lectures. Rather than being hosted at event halls or corporate rallies, The Lost Lectures are held in secret locations that serve to contribute in some way to the lectures themselves.

In the video’s introduction, Hynes explains his installment: ​“I decided a couple of weeks ago I was gonna do this lecture performance thing based on my anxiety, which people that know me know it’s a huge part of my life that kind of cripples many other aspects of my life. So uhm, usually when I’ve done lectures before, it’s been on synesthesia, which is something I have, which is a neurological condition where two or more senses combine and create a new cognitive pathway that—essentially, my sight and my hearing is connected. So I see colors and I relate colors to music. So I’m going to kind of attempt to demonstrate by this piece of music I wrote how my anxiety mixed in with my synesthesia.”

Check it out below.

[via Pitchfork]