"Mistakes" follows "Say My Name". The verses are vibrant - it's gold-plated pop at its best - and the pre-chorus surges into your body like electricity, but it's the proper chorus that sets this tune apart, with juddering, semi-a cappella bursts from Styrke. Just as it sounds like she's about to blow the roof off the track she plummets to the bedrock.

"I like that sentence, 'you make me wanna make mistakes'... you’re putting the blame on somebody else!" Styrke tells us. "The vocoder in the chorus where everything disappears except from the voice with the vocoder and then after half of it, the drums come in. I love that. You put yourself in a vacuum-like space and everything’s quiet then just breaks loose. We’ve had a lot of fun with the recording process - there’s a lyric about something being 'buzzin’'” and if you listen carefully you can hear a fly buzzing, and then for 'you know I’m gonna wanna get out of my Levi’s' there’s the sound of a zipper. There’s a lot of those things which I think are really funny."

Watch Styrke perform her pop smash "Ego" in an exclusive acoustic session for us.