As Deadline reports, Tove Lo will make her acting debut in The Emigrants, a film based on the 1949 novel of the same name by Vilhelm Moberg.

Erik Poppe (Utoya - July 22) will be directing the adaptation, and Tove Lo will play a character called Ulrika. Gustaf Skarsgård, who plays Floki in Vikings and Merlin in Cursed, has also been confirmed to star in the film.

Ulrika was previously played by Swedish singer Monica Zetterlund in the 1971 adaptation. Tove Lo says of the story, "It’s a classic told from a female perspective, which I love. I also love the character Ulrika, she’s a fighter but still vulnerable."

According to Deadline, the film is currently in pre-production, and is expected to start filming in Western Sweden from September.

The Swedish singer/songwriter told Deadline that she's "very happy" to be part of the film, and that acting was "a dream rather than an intention".

Back in May, Tove Lo released the deluxe edition of her 2019 album Sunshine Kitty with new track "sadder badder cooler".