"a woman is a god", produced by The Martinez Brothers, follows Tommy Genesis' May album opener "peppermint".

goldilocks x will be Genesis' first album in three years, after 2018's Tommy Genesis, and features production from Good Times Ahead, the Martinez Brothers, Charlie Heat, Stelios and more.

Genesis says of the album, "Goldilocks is that feeling when things feel "just right". Like you’re entering a space that makes sense, you just can’t put your finger on why but it just does. You don’t know why you like it but you do. The X is the unknown factor, the experimental element, the punk."


  1. peppermint
  2. kamikaze
  3. a woman is a god
  4. men
  5. manifesto
  6. wet
  7. mmm
  8. wild child
  9. average
  10. baby
  11. fuck u u know u can't make me cry
  12. hurricane
"a woman is a god" is out now. Tommy Genesis' goldilocks x album will land via Downtown Records on 10 September.