The album, recorded by James Spencer at Big Mushroom, December 2008, features Ladyhawke as well as members of The Horrors, Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, and the Klaxons. Last year he teased the record, although few people knew it at the time:

Burgess has also shared first single "Inspired Again", a slithery, slippery mesh of drunken melodies and lounge-peppered keys.

"We were complaining about how boring things were between Christmas and New Year, so we got together to record some songs," explains Burgess. "Some songs were more complete than others, others appear on this record more finished than others."

Burgess has released something every Record Store Day since 2012, and this year presents As I Was Now on transparent blue vinyl. It's out digitally a week later.


  1. Clutching Insignificance
  2. Just One Kiss (One Last Kiss)
  3. Many Clouds
  4. Nik V
  5. Inspired Again
  6. Another Version Of The Truth
  7. Not Buying
  8. The Savages (A Table For Their Heads)
  9. Take Me Places
As I Was Now is out 21 April via O Genesis.