-Photo via the V&A.

The David Bowie Is exhibition opens to the public this week at London’s V&A museum and recent video co-star Tilda Swinton was at hand last Thursday to unveil it to the press.

As you might have expected from the ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’ clip, it was quite a thing of surreal, but nonetheless heartfelt and endearing, proportions.

In it, Swinton talked about the bond that Bowie’s music made between fans, his lasting endurance over time and even the admission that his look first attracted her to him rather than his music.

Here are a collection of some of our favourite bits:

“Dear Dave

When I asked you if you wanted me to say anything here tonight You said ‘Only three words, one of them testicular..’

So I’ll pass that on”


“Here I am at surely the most eclectic of all the London branches of Bowie Anonymous. All the nicest possible freaks are here. We’re in the Victoria and Albert Museum preparing to rifle through your drawers.”


“They wanted a Bowie fan to speak tonight. They could have thrown a paper napkin and hit a hundred. I’m the lucky one, standing up to speak for all my fellow freaks anxious to win the pub quiz and claim their number one most super-fan tshirt.”

“When I think of what it used to feel like once, To be a freak who liked you, To feel like a freak like you – a freak who even looked a little like you.”


“Every alien’s favourite cousin, certainly mine. We have a nice life.
Yours aye,



Read the entire thing here.