Back in November 2018, the innocent musicians that had been sucked into Jared Threatin's fake band spoke out about their ordeal. The ex-Threatin guitarist Joe Prunera revealed Jared Threatin's weird PR stunt with his wife to the world, uncovering one of the most audacious music scams of the 21st century.

When news broke of the scam, it was revealed that Threatin and his band played Camden's Underworld to a packed room consisting of, well, Threatin's wife, the sound guy, and probably a couple of puzzled bar workers.

Now Jared Threatin is using the fame secured from his stunt to book an actual tour, and, as Stereogum point out, they might actually get some attendees this time - although it's unlikely people would go solely for the music.

Threatin will return, potentially with some new band members who have probably been fed a similar story as his last ones, to play Camden's Underworld, exactly one year on from last year's fake London gig.

It's hard to knock the guy considering he got so much fame out of it. Even his Twitter account bigs himself up for ruining three musicians' lives, "What is Fake News? I turned an empty room into an international headline." Jog on, Jared.