DIY SOS features 23 tracks, with some new tracks from rising acts.

Scrounge have contributed their Ideal EP track "Night Stand" to the compilation, The Tubs have shared their new track "Illusion", and Lou Terry has also shared a new track, "First Ticker".

Baggio's Ben says of the compilation, "Sister Midnight is my favourite venue in London, and the DIY SOS compilation is a great signifier of the strength of community it’s bred over the past year or so. To have so many talented artists volunteer their time and art to the cause is amazing, whilst the quality and diversity of the music contributed speaks volumes to the immense talent of those involved. It’s a real honour to be involved!"

Luke of Scrounge adds, "There’s nowhere quite like Sister Midnight, and considering it’s a key part of the independent culture that makes London worth living in, we should probably make sure it doesn’t succumb to this crisis. It’s a privilege to be on this compilation with so many people who we genuinely think are making some of the best new music around at the moment."


  1. piglet (feat. mushy p) – so much love and responsibility
  2. brunch – share
  3. GN – Own Time
  4. Cix – Sadie’s Dream
  5. farm boy – Wet Spoon
  6. Joseph Futak – Pictures
  7. Paddywak (feat. B Gunge) – PETE (EXXXTRA SUNKISSED REMIXXX)
  9. Lou Terry – Fist Ticker
  10. The Tubs – Illusion
  11. mat riviere – sock, hat, ghost
  12. Baggio – Eye Of The Needle
  13. nudista – Confess (demo)
  14. Shovel Dance Collective – The Banks of the Nile (Mataio)
  15. Shovel Dance Collective – The Maid on the Green / Merrily Kissed the Quaker (Alex + Josh)
  16. Shovel Dance Collective – Willie O’ Winsbury (Dan + Nick)
  17. Black Mask – Chalet 231
  18. Dog Chocolate – Architecture Days (isolation version)
  19. Scrounge – Night Stand
  20. doggish – beheaded
  21. aga ujma - trzy czterdziesci piec
  22. mushy p – wheres ur <3
  23. Bath Days – Rat Trials

The DIY SOS compilation is out now via