"An Old Train" features vocals from Jennifer Pague, who also contributes vocals to three other tracks on 2 Ravens.

The new single is O'Donnell's first since 2015's Love and Other Tragedies album with Julia Kent.

2 Ravens was recorded across five days at London's Air Edel studios with Alisa Liubarskaya, Miriam Wakeling, Aled Jones, Nadine Nagen, and Daniel Gea.


  1. December
  2. An Old Train (feat. Jennifer Pague)
  3. 2 Ravens
  4. The Haunt (feat. Jennifer Pague)
  5. On The Wing
  6. The Hearts Fall
  7. Don’t Tell Me…. (feat. Jennifer Pague)
  8. I’ll Say Goodnight (feat. Jennifer Pague)
"An Old Train" is out now. Roger O’Donnell's 2 Ravens album arrives via 99X10 Records/Caroline International on 24 April, and is available to pre-order now.