The Last Splash-era line-up led by the gurning Deal sisters, poker-faced Josephine Wiggs and powerful drummer Jim McPherson obliged the profanity-laden Camden venue, focusing on their most widely-known album. And why not? Most band would sell their careers to open a set with melodies as delicious as "No Aloha", "Invisible Man", "S.O.S." and "Hag". New single “Wait in the Car” was welcomed like a familiar face before Kim acknowledged Josephine for playing her hometown show. The bassist name-checked old friends in attendance who’d she met at “London University” adding to the sense of giddy nostalgia.

They surprised with covers of Kelly’s band The Amps and Krautrock pioneers Amon Dull II before ending on another Last Splash winning streak including a violinist for "Drivin’ On 9". In the midst was indie-rock anthem and one of Kim’s Pixies contributions, "Gigantic", which induced Pavlovian word-perfect crowd participation, a truly special moment. The haunting "Iris" took them back to their debut "Pod" to remind us they mastered more than just ballads or bouncey hooks.

They weren’t completely polished but no-one is here for technical execution. Sadly there was no airing for their superior cover of Guided By Voices’ |Shocker In Gloomtown" but as the lyrics go “there was a band, they were sickening, arousing everyone”.

Set list

"No Aloha"
"Invisible Man"
"Wait In The Car"
"Night of Joy"
"I Am Decided" (The Amps cover)
"Tipp City"(The Amps cover)
"Fortunately Gone"
"Walking With a Killer"
"Pacer" (The Amps cover)
"Bang On"
"Off You"
"New Year"
"Happiness Is a Warm Gun" (The Beatles cover)
"Archangels Thunderbird" (Amon Düül II cover)
"Divine Hammer"
"I Just Wanna Get Along"
"Do You Love Me Now?"


"Gigantic" (Pixies cover)
"Drivin' on 9" (Ed's Redeeming Qualities cover)