"City of Hope" is the first track to be hared from Susanna & The Brotherhood of Our Lady's new Garden of Earthly Delights record.

Speaking about the new track, Susanna explains, ""City of Hope" is a manic chant for guiding in love and life, with hints of ecstasy in the horizon even though something's lurking in the undertow."

Garden of Earthly Delights is Susanna's 13th album, and takes inspiration from Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch.

Explaining the link in more detail, Susanna says, "While this is not a soundtrack to his paintings, I feel a resemblance between the absurdity in his pictures and today’s existence. Humanity has never been more enlightened and competent to make sustainable solutions for everyone, but we still close our eyes to poverty, environmental issues and lack of equality."

On the new record, Susanna adds, "This album is about exclusion in various senses, wandering and seeking something else within or outside yourself, the beauty of life, overconsumption, capitalism tied together with religious mythical and occult images and symbols."

Garden of Earthly Delights follows on from Susanna's Go Dig My Grave record that landed back in February.

"City of Hope" is out now. Garden of Earthly Delights is out 22 February via SusannaSonata. Revisit our Reference Points feature with Susanna.