The #Merky Foundation Christmas party, set to take place this Friday, 3 December at Fairfield Halls, will feature a variety of prizes, gammes, performances, workshops, a tombola and more.

Stormzy himself will be in attendance at the event, which will be split into two time slots for different age groups, beginning with those aged between four and nine at 4:30pm GMT, and those aged 10 or over can attend the second time slot which begins at 7pm GMT.

#Merky Books will also be donating 500 copies of their first children’s book curated by Stormzy, Superheroes: Inspiring Stories of Secret Strength at the event. The author Sophia Thakur and illustrator Denzell Dankwah will also be hosting drawing workshops for children during the event.

A Very #Merky Christmas party will take place at Fairfield Halls this Friday, 3 December. Free tickets are available to those that live in the borough of Croydon, with four available for each household. Find out more at