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Stormzy challenges Wiley to live radio clash as feud heats up again

17 February 2020, 10:26 | Written by Cerys Kenneally

Stormzy and Wiley have been sparring on Twitter again over the weekend after Stormzy asked the Godfather of Grime to clash on live radio.

The online feud between Wiley and Stormzy last year has only just cooled down, and over the weekend the two rappers began sparring again in a heated exchange on Twitter.

Stormzy and Wiley both released numerous diss tracks aimed at each other before the end of 2019 - Wiley released "Eediyat Skengman" one, two, and three, while Stormzy released "Disappointed" and "Still Disappointed" before resuming his Heavy Is The Head campaign and tour.

Their feud heated up again on Saturday (15 February), when Wiley tweeted that he "would never use stormzy to sell anything", prompting Stormzy to reply with a picture of Wiley's age. He wrote, "This old crackhead tweets me every single day you are obsessed with me, what an embarrassment."

Stormzy decided to upload a picture of some private messages exchanged between the two on Twitter, which sees Wiley apologise and say "I wish this didn't happen". Stormzy highlighted his "Wiley’s a prick coz he love talk shit then he sobers up and the begs it" lyric from his "Disappointed" diss track when posting the private messages.

Wiley then asked Stormzy to clash him at London's O2 Arena, resulting in Stormzy saying Wiley "will never sell out the O2".

The "Disappointed" rapper then challenged Wiley to a live radio clash on Rinse FM or BBC 1Xtra, writing, "The Godfather of grime is a real big PUSSY who gets into war, gets buried, ends up hating himself for trying it and then apologises."

Wiley shut down Stormzy's clash challenge, and resumed asking him to clash at the O2, stating that he was going to ring sports promoter Eddie Hearn. Stormzy replied, "The Godfather of grime was so angry at me for working with Ed but here he is trying to let Eddie Hearn profit off of our culture, fucking embarrassment. You ain’t the Godfather anymore you’re a bitch who is not built for war. ALL YOU DO IS TWEET, pussyhole."

The two rappers traded numerous insults, with Stormzy calling out the Godfather of Grime for not wanting to clash on radio - a fundamental part of grime's roots.

Stormzy wrapped up his tweets on Saturday by writing, "Today I showed you that the man who started this ting is an embarrassment and a pussy and has no integrity Wiley all he does is tweet tweet tweet, you aren’t on rebuilding Grime, you’re not on clashing on the radio, you’re on trying to profit off of Stormzy."

He added, "Now I beg everyone carefully pree this pussyhole Wiley from this point on. He will tweet me everyday, he will tweet jokes, he will just tweet tweet tweet. Do not let him distract you from the fact that I am asking him to COME AND CLASH ME LIVE ON RADIO. Don’t get distracted."

Stormzy and Wiley are yet to confirm a location or date for their clash...if it ever happens.
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