St. Vincent held a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) web chat last night and what did we learn? Well, among many other things, that she has rather eclectic music taste.

Fielding questions from her fans online, Annie Clark revealed her love for noise-rap outfit Death Grips, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Swans (whose new album she just so happens to feature on). The musician also called Dr. Dre’s The Chronic her favourite album of all-time and said that new album track “Bring Me Your Loves” is the most fun to play live.

Other highlights included:

  • Clark revealing her most-read authors to be Lorrie Moore, James Baldwin and Roland Barthes.
  • Admitting that she listened to Tool and “lots of jazz” during high school.
  • Revealing her secret past in metal and noise-rock bands.
  • Confirming that her debut album Marry Me was named after a line in Arrested Development.
  • When asked about the direction of her next LP: “maybe a sludgecore record?”

Read the full AMA session here, via CoS. St. Vincent’s self-titled fourth album is out now.