"Ponyboy" is a dom/sub duet focused on pony play (maybe literally or maybe figuratively) that's led around by twisted vocals - some pitched to the rafters above, some descending into the abyss below - with the words "pony" and "boy" practically spat through your speakers. This is a supremely distorted power anthem with beats on the verge of implosion and parasitic earworms aplenty, and it's in perfect contrast to SOPHIE's previous offering.

Mozart’s Sister contributes extra vocals to the track, which has been a staple in SOPHIE's live sets for a while.

The screen-shaking accompanying visuals are directed by SOPHIE and choreographed by FlucT, who star alongside the producer in a "dramatized ménage à trois". The clip also previews SOPHIE's live show, which was recently debuted at Red Bull Music Academy Festival in LA and heads to New York City in 2018.

"Ponyboy" is out now via new labels Transgressive/Future Classic.