Last Friday (4 June) Sinead O’Connor announced her retirement from music on Twitter, writing, "This is to announce my retirement from touring and from working in the record business. I've gotten older and I'm tired. So it's time for me to hang up my nipple tassels, having truly given my all."

Yesterday (7 June) O'Connor retracted her original statement on Twitter. O'Connor captioned the statement, "Good news. Fuck retiring. I retract. Am not retiring. I was temporarily allowing pigs in lipstick to fuck my head up... here's my statement..... in the form of these three photos. It's 'colourful' but that's me : )"

In the statement, O'Connor revealed that she announced her retirement from music and touring after numerous triggering media interviews that made her feel she'd be "better off (safer) if I ran away and gave up being in music at all."

O'Connor wrote, "But I love my job. Making music that is. I don’t like the consequences of being a talented (and outspoken woman) being that I have to wade through walls of prejudice every day to make a living. But I am born for live performance and with the astonishing love and support I have received in the last few days and will continue to receive from Rob Prinz and all at ICM, as well as many managers and buyers and fans, I feel safe in retracting my expressed wish to retire and I will in fact be doing all shows currently booked for 2022."

"Also, I lied when I said I'm past my peak," O'Connor added. "Ain't no such fuckin thing : )"

Sinead O'Connor's No Veterans Die Alone album is due out in 2022, and will follow 2014's I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss.