"Mine Right Now" featured on Sigrid's 2018 debut album Sucker Punch.

The video turned out to be the Fyre Festival equivalent of music videos, with Sigrid not even making it to the shoot.

Set in the Bulgarian mountains, director Max Siedentopf had to step in as Sigrid for the video, which arrives with footage of bad weather conditions, lost drones, and a VFX dragon.

Speaking about the disastrous shoot, Siedentopf says, "After a month of planning the "Mine Right Now" video with Sigrid and spending a week in the Bulgarian mountains building wonderful sets, the shoot quickly turned into the FYRE Festival of music videos...The night before the video shoot we were told that Sigrid’s flights had been delayed and then cancelled, meaning she wouldn’t make it to the remote location in time. But our crew of over 40 people were all set to shoot a video, so despite the unfortunate news, we decided to still shoot something as we had spent the week building wonderful sets."

Adding about his lead role, the director explains, "Unfortunately for me, it was decided that I would have to take on the role of Sigrid. The thing I’m most self-conscious about is singing, so this really wasn’t something I was hoping to do... to end up in a music video lip syncing! As a director you always have to come up with all kinds of different ideas and stories for artists, but you’re never the one that actually has to execute them, which gave me an entirely new appreciation for what artists have to go through."

"Mine Right Now" and Sucker Punch are both out now. She plays London's Eventim Apollo on 4 December. Find out more.