Evian has also shared a video for "Health Machine", which was created by Evian himself, Brian Betancourt, and Jadon Ulrich from footage collated during the "journeys through the American west that inspired and informed the record."

"This is you, forever," Evian explains of the album, which follows up 2016 debut Premium. "It’s about accepting that you are responsible for you, that you’re in charge of your actions. Everything you do affects others and yourself, so, no matter what you choose to do, be there and learn from it."

You, Forever was recorded on an eight-track reel-to-reel tape last summer with Betancourt, (bass), Austin Vaughn (drums), Adam Brisbin (guitar), and Hannah Cohen (backup vocals). During the process, Evian banned tuning pedals to recapture a vintage vibe he'd ensnared on his original demos.

"Tuning pedals make it so easy to sound good together, so when you eliminate them it takes everything back to the ’60s, which is when all my favorite records were born," he says. "It makes everything more questionable, weird, and unruly in a really simple way."

Evian plays a UK tour next month, beginning 18 May at The Great Escape and ending in Manchester at a show with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Deerhunter, and Khruangbin. Find out more.

You, Forever is out 1 June via Saddle Creek.