Mutator was the first archival release from the Vega Vault, but this afternoon (18 January) Sacred Bones announced "Invasion" and "Murder One", two tracks recorded two decades apart in New York City.

"Murder One" is the earlier track, having been recorded in 1997-1998. The track was never mixed, and came just before the sessions for Vega's 1999 album 2007.

"Invasion" was recorded near the end of Vega's 2012-2015 sessions for his posthumous album IT, and is, according to a press release, "one of his last recordings."

Much like Mutator, this Vega Vault release has been led by Vega's longtime collaborator Liz Lamere and The Vacant Lots' Jared Artaud, who mixed and produced Mutator.

Alan Vega's "Invasion" and "Murder One" tracks will be released via Sacred Bones Records on 25 February. The 12" vinyl is available to pre-order now.