Electro-pop Swede, Robyn appears in a new track by comedy-rap troupe The Lonely Island, a song entitled ‘Go Kindergarten’.

The track, which features on upcoming record The Wack Album, takes a dig at dancefloor-commanding chart hits and can be streamed below.

The tracklist for their new album is as follows:

1 “Dramatic Intro”
2 “Go Kindergarten”
3 “Hugs”
4 “Diaper Money”
5 “YOLO”
6 “You’ve Got the Look”
7 “Spell It Out”
8 “Semicolon”
9 “Where Brooklyn At?” (Interlude)
10 “Spring Break Anthem”
11 “I’m a Hustler”
12 “We Are a Crowd”
13 “I F****d My Aunt”
14 “Meet the Crew”
15 “3-Way (The Golden Rule)”
16 “I Run NY”
17 “I Don’t Give a Honk”
18 “We Need Love”
19 “The Compliments”
20 “Perfect Saturday”