The lo-fi outfit - spearheaded by husband and wife Cole and Bambi Browning - have named their record after the "mysterious transhumanist philosopher" FM-2030. It was recorded at The Green House in their home city with producer Riley Geare, and features contributions from Julian Kowalski, Bryson Hansen, and Tyler Vergian.

"Bambi and I write all the music," Cole says. "Sometimes we work together to construct songs and sometimes I'll come home from work and she'll have a masterpiece finished and perfectly crafted. We both add to each other's songs and none really seem completely Bambi's or mine. We do everything together."

"[The album] gravitates toward other people's obsessions and draws inspiration from them," explains Bambi. "I like to think of method acting and personify myself as the obsessor, writing from their perspective. I love pretending and creating around these personalities."


  1. 29 Palms
  2. If You Want
  3. Simulation
  4. 666Bus
  5. These Days
  6. Satan's Song
  7. Nunya
  8. Butter Slime
  9. Forced Entry
  10. Dreaming
  11. Ubik
FM-2030 is out 6 October via Captured Tracks.