O'Brien launched his EOB project with his debut solo single "Santa Teresa" in October, and today (2 December), EOB has unveiled some more details of his solo project.

The Radiohead guitarist scanned a handwritten Christmas card and posted it to Instagram. In the card, he reveals that new single "Brasil" is dropping on Thursday (5 December), and another single is dropping in early 2020, with the album due shortly after that.

EOB reveals that "Brasil", along with the album, is produced by "by my mate, the sonic maestro known as Flood."

He goes on to list sound engineers and musical collaborators that helped EOB bring his debut solo album to life, and adds some more detail about the recording process and inspiration behind the album, "The story starts post the King Of Limbs tour in 2012 when me and my family moved out to Brasil. We had a truly profound experience living in that extroadinary country."

O'Brien adds, "As our time out there came to an end, we headed home and I found myself [?] heading for the Welsh hills. With a copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves Of Glass, a couple of guitars, an amp and some pedals (of course), I rented a cottage in the Cambrian Mountains and the songs that make up the album started to flow out."

Later in the card, he writes, "The recording of the album started in the fall of 2017 and we finished it earlier this year."

EOB also reveals that he'll tour the album next year.

Big love to you all. Ed x

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EOB's "Brasil" single arrives on Thursday (5 December). His debut album is yet to get a release date.