The EP features five new tracks, and as well as the Iggy Pop-featuring cut, PINS are including a cover of Joy Division's "Dead Souls".

"We had talked about doing a Joy Division cover - I think it was Faith [Vern, vocals/guitar] who suggested 'Dead Souls'," say PINS. "Because we were in a rickety cottage and not a studio there was no isolation - so when people were recording parts everyone else had to be super quiet."

Bad Things, the follow up to 2015 LP Wild Nights, was recorded in a studio along the Scottish Borders with Mark Vernon on co-production duties with the band.

"We took all the gear we could possibly find and locked ourselves away in the Scottish wilderness for a fortnight," the band add. "[We were] expecting to do some demos, and coming away with an EP that we really loved. It was an immersive experience - there was no civilisation for miles around so we were free to make noise and experiment."

The Manchester-based quintet are also headed out on tour this spring - find out more.


  1. Bad Thing
  2. Aggrophobe
  3. All Hail
  4. In Nightmares
  5. Dead Souls
Bad Thing is out 24 March via Haus Of Pins.