It's the third single from Bridgers' upcoming debut Stranger In The Alps following "Motion Sickness" and "Smoke Signals". With every move Bridgers makes she reveals more of her staggering talents; "Funeral"'s power hinges on the singer/songwriter's words and delivery, with desperately affecting lyrics hooking you in in an instant. The beautiful mesh of strings and guitars acts as a perfect foil, refusing to take the spotlight and highlighting the raw emotion.

Tony Berg and Ethan Gruska produced Stranger In The Alps, which follows Bridgers' "Killer" release - a collaboration with Ryan Adams.


  1. Smoke Signals
  2. Motion Sickness
  3. Funeral
  4. Demi Moore
  5. Scott Street
  6. Killer
  7. Georgia
  8. Chelsea
  9. Would You Rather
  10. You Missed My Heart
  11. Smoke Signals (Reprise)
Stranger In The Alps is out 22 September via Dead Oceans.