20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot on Sunday (11 April) during a traffic stop in the Brooklyn Center suburb of Minneapolis. The death of Wright has sparked protests as well as a curfew, and as BBC reports, the police chief has since said that the officer who shot Wright meant to use a Taser.

Last night (12 April) Phoebe Bridgers reposted a tweet giving information on how to support Wright's son and girlfriend, and urged her followers to donate in return for handwritten tattoo templates. Bridgers wrote, "I’ve been seeing some people on here who want tattoos in my handwriting... if you donate here I’ll write whatever you want."

She added, "comment a screenshot of your donation (not the dollar amount I don’t want anyone to be embarrassed about how much or how little they can give) and what you want me to write. Also FYI I can’t draw at all."

At the time of writing this article, Bridgers has received over 1,000 comments on the donation tweet, and has already fulfilled quite a few requests with her handwritten tattoo templates, but still has a lot to get through.

Last weekend Phoebe Bridgers' guitar that she smashed on Saturday Night Live was sold at auction for over $100,000, with funds donated to GLAAD.