Yesterday (12 August), Mark Kozelek, Ben Boye, and Jim White released a 15-minute song titled "Where's Gilroy?" as a response to the recent mass shootings in the US.

Despite the serious subject matter, Andrew Male has started a hilarious Twitter thread using predictive text.

Everyone has been copying the sentence "Mark Kozelek releases fifteen minute song about..." and then letting predictive text do the rest of the work.

Male's predictive text reads, "Mark Kozelek releases fifteen minute song about films and writers who have been the best in the world."

It's fair to say that predictive text generates sentences that are a bit of a mouthful to read.

There's a decent amount of variety of outcomes too.

Mark Kozelek's song "Where's Gilroy?" is available to stream via Brooklyn Vegan now. Read the full Twitter thread.