Since his debut record Betrayed in the Octagon back in 2007, Oneohtrix Point Never has accumulated a large amount of synthesizers.

Daniel Lopatin will be parting ways with some of the synths used on tour, and used for albums such as Age Of, Garden of Delete, and the Good Time soundtrack.

One of the items, a Roland SP-555 Sampler, will even be sold with Lopatin's memory card, which features samples from Replica and some live shows.

His Alesis ION Synthesizer will also be sold with Lopatin's patches still on there, "The Alesis Ion is one of my favorites," he says. "It's a virtual analog, but offers some interesting FM feedback routing if you like noise. I left my original patches on there. Good vocoder, too."

The variety of synths, samplers, and effects pedals will be going on sale via Reverb on 7 May. Check out the full list over on