"The Carpenter's Son" is a personal track that frontman Dominic Palermo wrote about growing up with a carpenter for a father.

Speaking about the new track, Palermo explains, “My Dad was a carpenter for his whole life– he built things and he built me. He struggled with addiction and anger and for a long time, and his idea of a fix was to use religion in a very similar, violent way. He left me peppered with too much reality for a young boy and subsequently also left me with an early disdain for Christianity. I often wondered how could I ever forgive a man whose sole purpose was to break everyone down around him. I lost him two or three years ago now. He was riding his bicycle in a storm and must have fallen off, hit his head, went unconscious and slid into a ditch on the side of the road, face down, where he drowned just 200 feet from his house."

I’ve lost many people at this point in my life and this only felt like another," he adds. "I think the song really just speaks of the expectations of existence and how there aren’t really many.”

Spanning just under eight minutes, "The Carpenter's Son" is calmly composed despite the heavy-hearted message behind it, and is delivered like a soothing lullaby.

"The Carpenter's Son" is the third single since their 2016 album Tired of Tomorrow. It follows on from "Blue Line Baby" and "Zero Day".

NOTHING's new album Dance On The Blacktop arrives on 24 August via Relapse Records. NOTHING tour the UK before the end of the year, stopping at London's Oslo on 3 December. Find out more.