The singer/songwriter returns with new single "Tears", landing after last month's lead single "In Your Head", and last year's "Heavyweight Champion Of The World".

"Tears" is laced with bursts of phonecalls from Yanya's "WE WORRY ABOUT YOUR HEALTH™". The mind department jokingly offers of the track, "Despite previous claims of crying being natural response to stress and regarded as healthy, recent studies have unearthed evidence that proves this claim as untrue. It can also simulate similar responses in others to varying degrees, primarily targeting the vulnerable (infants, children and elderly) which makes it a socially irresponsible behaviour. The Body department would like to add it is also a waste of bodily fluids and self destructive to one’s health hereby deeming the act of crying illegal."

Yanya's new single is taken from her forthcoming debut album Miss Universe, and features 17 tracks. It was largely recorded in a remote Penzance studio where she used to jam in with her uncle Joe. She even recruited her old guitar teacher Dave Okumu (The Invisible's) as a co-producer alongside her live bandmates, and producers John Congleton, Oli Barton-Wood, Will Archer, and M.T. Hadley.

"Tears" is out now. Miss Universe arrives 22 March via ATO / PIAS. Nilüfer Yanya goes on tour with Sharon Van Etten, and will play a headline show at London's EartH on 9 April. Find out more.