Legendary U.S musician, Nile Rodgers has launched a new lobby group to protect electronic artists.

The Association For Electronic Music (AFEM), which will be fronted by Rodgers himself, aim to safeguard the interests of DJs, producers, promoters, managers and label bosses alike.

The group will also consist of Richie Hawtin manager Ben Turner and music lawyer Kurosh Nasseri, the latter of whom had this to say about the project:

“This is an historic day, the launch of the first international trade body representing a single genre since the Country Music Association began in 1958. Our motivation is wholly positive – to ensure electronic music gets the recognition and status it deserves. It is time for the many companies and individuals involved in our business to speak with a unified voice to represent the genre and to address the issues. And that is the mission of the Association for Electronic Music.”


Rodgers is reported to have been working with Daft Punk recently.