"Switchblade" is NIKI's first new material since last year's "Sugarplum Elegy" single, and arrives with a futuristic visual directed by Tom Teller.

NIKI says of her new single, ""Switchblade" is the song that kicks off Moonchild, which I’ve been working on for almost two years now. This single marks the beginning of Moonchild's sonic journey, which is ironic because it was one of the last songs I wrote for the album. "Switchblade" represents an iron clad attitude and outlook - conquering whatever you want, whatever is in your vicinity or in your way. Your "switchblade faith" allows you to accomplish anything!"

Moonchild is a concept album that will feature 10 tracks, and explores her journey through three lunar phases - crescent moon (innocence, curiosity, embarking), half-moon/eclipse (loss of hope, disillusionment) and full moon (self-discovery, strength).

NIKI's "Switchblade" single is out now on 88rising. Her Moonchild album is yet to get a release date.