Minaj let slip about her forthcoming Adele collaboration at her Fendi Prints On fashion line launch in Beverly Hills yesterday (15 October).

According to Entertainment Weekly, when asked if she was collaborating with Adele, Minaj replied, "Yes and yes, yes and yes, wooo hoo!"

The artist added, "But Adele made me swear to secrecy that I'm not allowed to tell anyone that I'm working with her. And that we already shot a video. And it's an epic song! Ahh!"

Adele has always been a fan of Nicki Minaj. Earlier this summer in June the singer was filmed rapping Minaj's "Monster" verse, and she definitely nailed it.

It's unclear whether the new collaboration will be part of Adele's new record or just a standalone single from Minaj.

Nicki Minaj has a new track with Ariana Grande and Normani that will feature on the forthcoming Charlie's Angels soundtrack.