"REALiTi", "Caught Up In The Rapture", and "The Sound Of Silence" - no Slayer, sadly - are being worked into Prass' signature style. Speaking about her rendition of Grimes' "REALiTi", Prass says: “I think the world of her. We worked this song out in the studio never having played it before and recorded it like three times through. I think it works although she’s probably going to say 'what is this jazz shit' and hate it.”

As well as the covers, the EP will feature live renditions of "Christy" and "My Baby Don't Understand Me".

Prass' self-titled debut is out now via Spacebomb. The Side By Side EP is out 20 November.

Stream "Christy" below, and check over the EP's tracklist afterwards.


1. My Baby Don’t Understand Me (live)
2. Caught Up in the Rapture (Anita Baker cover)
3. Christy (live)
4. The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
5. REALiTi (Grimes cover)