New York-based Jordan Lee is propelling full steam ahead as he shares two new singles, "New History", and "Storm Cellar Heart", taken from his upcoming album.

The new album, Thunder Follows The Light, follows on from 2016's acclaimed Skip A Sinking Stone.

Thunder Follows The Light holds songs that Lee has accumulated over the past two years, and will hold both returning and new collaborators.

On the inspiration behind the album, Lee explained, "While I was writing the record, everywhere I looked, I saw massive societal strain on both people and the environment, and began to wonder if this is the lightning before some thunderous change. If we are living in that in-between time."

"New History" and "Storm Cellar Heart" sees Jordan Lee stick to a more downtempo, folk-infused sound, allowing the piano and acoustic guitars to carry the soft vocals.

Ohio born Jordan Lee went into more detail on the meaning behind "New History", "I think people in power benefit greatly from a general lack of historic memory in the US. I’ve been wondering if the first step to imagining a more just world is to study our history better, not just the linear revisionist one that is oft-repeated but all the unsung champions of equal rights as well as the acts of unthinkable cruelty that humans are also capable of.”

On the second track "Storm Cellar Heart", Lee went on to say, "Writing this provided a reminder that while moments of recharging are important, I didn’t want to get too entrenched in escapism instead of the messiness of living.”

Thunder Follows The Light is due out 21 September via Transgressive on all platforms, including a special edition vinyl. Mutual Benefit performs a solo show at London's The Lexington on 24 May.


  1. Written In Lightning
  2. New History
  3. Storm Cellar Heart
  4. Shedding Skin
  5. Come To Pass
  6. Waves, Breaking
  7. No Dominion
  8. Mountains Shadow
  9. Nightingale Sing
  10. Thunder Follows