"Jardin de la Paz" is the first single from the trio since their 2018 debut record Pasar De Las Luces.

Speaking about their forthcoming EP and the connection to the track, Mint Field explain, "The Mientras Esperas EP comes from a connection between what's happening in the modern world and how that reflects and affects our minds. "Jardín de la Paz" is about taking a deep breath amidst all of this, it's about acquiring peace of mind."


  1. Ella Se Queda
  2. Jardin de la Paz
  3. Vamos Rapido
  4. Ver Mas Alla
  5. Eclipse Solar
"Jardin de la Paz" is out now. Mint Field's Mientras Esperas EP arrives 1 March via Innovative Leisure. Revisit Mint Field's City Guide to Tijuana.