"Satellite" is the fourth track to be shared from Midnight Sister's second album, landing after last year's "Foxes", "Doctor Says" and "Wednesday Baby".

Lead vocalist Juliana Giraffe says of the single, ""Satellite" explores delusion and the way memory is influenced by perception. The video, shot through a funhouse mirror, finds clarity by embracing distortion."

Painting The Roses will follow their 2017 debut album Saturn Over Sunset.

Giraffe described their new LP as "this tightrope of being real yet synthetic, organic yet staged, light yet dark, logical yet irrational, beautiful yet dilapidated. Joyful nonsense."

"Satellite" is out now. Midnight Sister's Painting The Roses album will arrive via Jagjaguwar on Friday (15 January), and is available to pre-order now.