The new album follows last year's Full Time Hobby debut Mowing.

"Light That Ever" is a sublime blend of classic pop brilliance, with dusty, vintage vibes aplenty, and rugged country-twanged folk. It's subtly decadent, if that can be a thing, with lush layers and velvet harmonies meshing behind Nau's vocal display - a spray of percussion, wires of guitar, brassy ebbs, and metronomic keys all ooze into earshot as the seconds tick by, with every piece melting together beautifully.

"I had some of the synths recorded for a demo version, that ended up fitting pretty well into the tempo of this take," Nau says of the new track. "The playing went on well beyond the fade out. Benny (Yurco) was on-the-fly dubbing the drums through the space echo. Pretty pleased with the way this one came out."

Nau plays London's The Dome tonight with Haley (fka Haley Bonar).


  1. Good Thing
  2. I Root
  3. Wonder
  4. How You’re So For Real
  5. Scumways
  6. Oh, You Wanna Bet?
  7. Waiting, Too
  8. Scatter
  9. Twelve
  10. The Load
  11. Done Wonder
  12. Light That Ever
Some Twist is out 16 June via Full Time Hobby.